Friday, April 28, 2006

"The Gap" :)

Inspired by these two posts by Mark/PT.

Hey, Mark
you think you have it bad?!
You should see the lady's room in my office!
(Or maybe you shouldn't, but anyway . . .)

The stall is literally right next to the sink, to the right
So while I wash my hands or comb my hair
I can look straight ahead or left, but certainly not there
It's really embarrassing, one doesn't want to stare

It gets worse

Not only is there a gap by the stall's door
and not only is the layout poor
The lady's room is so small
that if someone opens the lady's room door
you can look through the gap straight into the hall

And, heaven help us, vice versa!!!!!!
"In or out, ladies!"
Please close the door!
We'd like to have some privacy in here!"

So much for tzniut, modesty
in the design of a facility
of an Orthodox Jewish agency
And now, if you'll please excuse me,
I'm trying to stand on what's left of my dignity

The men's room next door is even worse
The urinals are right next to the door!
If a woman happens to glance left on the way past at the wrong time
Well, let's just say she can see enough to tell whether the guy has had a bris!

You need to wear blinders to work in this place!



Blogger PsychoToddler said...

It's uncivilized.

Mon May 01, 09:39:00 AM 2006  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

You can say *that* again!

Mon May 01, 11:25:00 PM 2006  

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